Our Focus

Our grants support the specific types of programs, in specific geographic regions, that we believe address the most pressing needs in the world today.

Program Focus

We believe each of our priority program categories are linked by our overall goal to benefit an entire region. While grants are awarded to some organizations focused on one category, we look for partners who take a more holistic, community-based approach and are committed to delivering positive and sustained results.


We support projects working toward agricultural sustainability in developing countries that suffer from the impact of population growth and climate change, poor technology, and policy and management issues. These projects help smallholder farmers with crop management, storage, timely market information, mobile phone-based training services, savings and loan programs, and resource acquisition.


We support programs that extend the reach of national education systems to remote and undeserved areas. This includes remedial education, access to technology resources, teacher training, and extracurricular projects. We also support formal and informal education programs in information technology and vocational skills in both rural and city communities that prioritize women and girls.


We support projects designed to address air and water pollution, climate change, soil degradation, exploitation of natural resources, biodiversity loss, deforestation, desertification, and ocean acidification. Our grants focus on projects that ensure water quality and access, WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene), and eliminating vector-borne diseases and exposure to toxic chemicals.


We support community primary health programs as well as maternal and child health care. We also support programs that provided general health education including hygiene, family planning, and birth control. Finally, we support programs that extend the reach of healthcare to remote regions and sectors of countries while also working to extend the reach of national health systems.

Farmer and Fortaleza, Semilla Nueva.

Geographic Focus

We support US-based organizations serving vulnerable populations and communities in many parts of the developing world. We prioritize countries in which the need is great and the environment allows for successful outcomes.

Latin America & The Caribbean


South & Southeast Asia